Assembly Language refers to a low-level programming language which corresponds between machine code and program statements. Assembly language is used in programming devices and micro-controllers. The important concepts of assembly language are assembler, language design, arithmetic and transfer instructions, paging, cache and interruptions, operators, segments, labels and much more. Assembly language has several applications. Assembly language is used to craft code for booting the system, The code is helpful to initialize the system hardware prior o booting the operating system and storing it in ROM. Assembly language boosts the executive speed despite having less processing power and RAM.

There are various benefits offered by assembly language. One may write faster instructions in assembly language as compared to C and PASCAL language. The instructions are simple and therefore, it is relatively easy for the microprocessors to interpret the code and work. It is also easy to modify the instructions of a program in Assembly Language. This language enables you to develop interfaces between different pieces of code, with the help of incompatible conventions. There are various fields to be learnt in Assembly Language, and these are as below:

  • Memory Address: This refers to the place wherein the code is stored in the machine. In an address with YYOO, YY represents page number and 00 represents line number.
  • Machine Code: This could also be termed as the instruction code which consists of hexadecimal numbers, that would have instructions store memory addresses.
  • Label: This refers to a collection of symbols representing a particular address in a statement. Labels can be inserted whenever required.
  • Operation code: This comprises of two key parts, such as Operand and Opcode. The opcode indicates function type and operation has to be carried out by machine code.
  • Operand: This comprises of 16 bit data as well as bit data, memory address, port address, and much more. Instruction is also termed as the mnemonic which is a blend of Opcode and Operand. Mnemonic is used to copy data from one place to another.
  • Comments: These do not constitute the part of programming language, and constitute a part of documentation that would explain actions performed by a group. Instructions as well as comments are separated by a colon.


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