The study of Finance involves aspects related to assets and liabilities studied within a specified diameter of investment. It involves the consideration of uncertainties along with investment risks. Business finance relates to capital funds and credit funds invested in a business. Making the money / funds available when needed is termed as financing. In other words, the planning, raising, managing and controlling fund related to business activities is termed as financing. The study of finance helps in analysis of a company’s financial position. The study of financial accounting helps is appropriate recording of financial transactions of a company. This gives important information to people who are interested in investing in the company.


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  • CORPORATE FINANCE: This branch of finance deals with the funding and capital structure of corporate. Managers of corporate finance aim to increase the value of the firm to the shareholders. Corporate finance relates much to the investment, principal capital and running capital of an organization. Some of the important concepts of Corporate Finance include:
  • Principal Capital: This is known to increase upon investment. It maintains the share capital of investors along with the funds of shareholders. This segment also controls other concepts of financial analysis such as cash flow management, implementation of finance, etc.
  • Financial Policy: This is governed by the management team of the organization by understanding the role and strength of finances.
  • Combination: The combination of risk and profitability are components of finances. Therefore, understanding of stock and revenue generation processes help in financial management and growth of an organization.
  • Finance Management: This involves cash flow management and appropriate evaluation strategies prior execution. Post analysis of a project, return in investment (ROI) is calculated and understood, so as to identify future prospects.
  • Budgeting: This helps in evaluating and determining the assets of an organization. It helps in execution of new plans to decide on recurring expenditures.
  • Corporate Finance Management: This helps in implementation of appropriate strategies for further growth of an organization. It includes the marketing as well as monitoring and management of cash investments by the investor or a shareholder.
  • PUBLIC FINANCE: This segment of finance deals with public organizations often termed as public limited company (indulged with the public for source of income and to carry out specific objectives). These organizations include hospitals, nursing homes, schools, agencies, etc.
  • PERSONAL FINANCE: This branch of finance is studied as no one is sure of unseen and upcoming problems. In other words, it is studied so as to protect oneself from unforeseen personal events. It also helps in planning of a secure financial future in an environment of economic instability. This segment handles the effects of tax policies on management of personal finances. Personal finance can also relate to procurement of educational loans, insurance services, real estate needs and much more. It involves management of finances during personal emergency.
  • BEHAVIOURAL FINANCE: This branch of finance helps in studying the psychology of investors and managers and how it affects the financial decisions and markets.
  • INTERNATIONAL FINANCE: This branch of finance helps in study of exchange rates and their effect on the international trade and international finance.
  • FINANCIAL THEORY: This segment of Finance involves the concepts of Financial economics, Financial mathematics and Experimental finance.


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