Animation refers to the process of creating an illusion that aims at differentiating with the action by using certain specific rules and instructions. Animation develops a sense of sequential images that holds the potential to exhibit varied movement of different characters of the subject given in a specific scenario.

The subject of animation has various classifications and these are explained below:

  • CHARACTER ANIMATION: This type of animation aims at the display of numerous emotions, expressions and behaviours.
  • REAL TIME ANIMATION: This form of animation aims at computing as displays animation at the same speed as is expected and operated by all.
  • HIERARCHICAL ANIMATION: This type of animation showcases various hierarchical objects.
  • PROCEDURAL ANIMATION: This type of animation computes animation data instead of specifying it through the animator.
  • KEYFRAME ANIMATION: This technique focuses much on positions and orientations of objects aimed at particular points. Many other thing are thereafter filled in by interpolation.
  • MOTION PATH ANIMATION: This type of technique is used wherein objects or cameras move with a trail.
  • SIMULATION: This is classified as a technique wherein data is computed applying the laws of physics.
  • SHAPE ANIMATION: Under this type of animation, morphing transforms one shape into another.
  • CAMERA ANIMATION: This is characterized by impressive architectural walk throughs wherein camera is the thing that moves.


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