KAO2 stands for Knowledge Assessment 2 and is a technical and methodological application report required to grant work visa for skilled migration to engineers for ICT professionals. KAO2 writing is a known requirement for engineers all across the globe with an accredited qualification from a registered university from any country. Engineers New Zealand evaluates your engineering knowledge base as per the competency elements of KAO2 form. Herewith, the engineers are required to demonstrate their knowledge with evidence from work experience, academic study as well as further learning.

The Knowledge Assessment Form has three main sections that need to be filled appropriately: Section-2: Knowledge Profile, Section-3: Evidence of Application Knowledge and Section-4: Supplementary evidence. The various sections of the report are well described below:


This consists of three sections:

Knowledge profile: This section is completed on the basis of information provided by you. We make sure to complete all the eight elements and provide you an absolutely unique report.

Evidence of application of knowledge: This section consists of four work episodes in which individual projects are discussed in detail. We complete this section as per requirements of IPEN.

Supplementary evidence: We complete this section as per information given in your resume. We complete the table of work history as well as CPD.


This consists of three sections:

Knowledge profile: Herein, our writers conduct complete review of the client written KAO2 form. The expert advice and suggestions are provided to improve the elementary details. All details are appropriately checked and proofread to give the best deliverables.

Evidence of application of knowledge: Herewith, the client written work episodes are reviewed in detail and grammatical mistakes are removed via proofreading. Further, expert guidance is provided to improve the sample details.

Supplementary evidence: An expert advice is provided in this section so as to ensure quality report. The relevant information filled in by the client is checked appropriately


This sample report is available for all engineering disciplines. The sample KAO2 will cover all three sections of the KAO2 form.


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