The process of interaction that takes place between two or more people to convey or share information is termed as Communication. There is flow of information in organizations, companies, government and non-government offices and this is why studying communication is important. The subject of communication includes both verbal as well as non-verbal forms of communication. Verbal communication refers to transferring information in oral ways from one person to the other whereas non-verbal communication refers to the process of transferring information in written form. It is important to study both these forms of communication depending upon the use and necessity.

Communication is defined by Robert Kreitner as a process that involves a chain made up of identifiable links. This chain includes sending, encoding, message, receiver, decoding and feedback.

The seven important steps in the process of communication are mentioned below:

Ø  SENDER: This is the person who plans to convey the information, ideas or feelings to the receiver.

Ø  IDEAS: This can also be referred to as data. These could be in the form of feelings, opinions, views, etc.

Ø  ENCODING: The thoughts and ideas are coded in the form of letters and symbols so that the receiver well understands the message. This process is called Encoding.

Ø  CHANNELS: These refer to the mediums required to transfer the information, such as TV, radio, newspaper, etc.

Ø  RECEIVER: This refers to the person who receives the message.

Ø  DECODING: The interpretation of the received message by the receiver is termed as decoding. It is important for the sender to transfer the message in a way that it is decoded appropriately.

Ø  FEEDBACK: It is important for the receiver to provide the feedback on recepipt of the message. This allows the sender to know whether the message is interpreted appropriately or not.

Communication mainly refers to combination of words and sentences to deliver to the receiver. If any word or statement is wrongly spoken, then it results into miscommunication between the sender and the receiver. The process of communication helps in socializing, bringing positive change in attitude, encourages individuals to achieve their goal and helps in maintaining co-ordination between two or more people. To build effective communication skills, it is important to have clarity of information, correct medium, listen carefully and use acceptable nd correct words / language.


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