Biology is a subject that deals with knowledge of life on earth. If you are interested in the living world around you, then this is your subject. It is derived from the Greek word “bios” (life) and “logos” (study). In other words, this subject deals with the study of the structure, function, growth, origin, evolution, and distribution of living organisms.

The nine “umbrella” fields of biology are described below:


The study of plant kingdom and plant life is carried out through this field of Biology. Therefore, the study about genetics, evolution, structures, classification, and distribution of plants is well understood.


The study of animals and animal behavior is well understood by this branch. Therefore, the behavior, physiology, origin, evolution, habits, distribution and classification of animals is studied well. There are various sub-branches of zoology such as ornithology the study of birds), primatology (the study of primates), entomology (the study of insects), ichthyology (the study of fish) and others.


This branch of biology involves the study of material substances that make up living organisms.


The study of microorganisms is carried out through this branch. These organisms cannot be seen with a naked eye. These are bacteria, viruses, protozoa, fungi, and others. It should be known that these organisms play a vital role in the ecosystem where we live.


The interactions between organisms in the environment are well understood by this branch. Therefore, Ecology is the study of everything that affects the adaptation of living organisms to their habitats and the world surrounding them.


This field refers to the study of heredity of organisms. Heredity refers to the process by which parents pass genetic information to their offspring, which eventually decide variations in traits and characteristics.


This field refers to the study of the origin of life and changes in the diversity of life over time.


This study refers to the study of cellular processes at a molecular level. A cell is composed of many proteins, lipids, DNA, RNA and much more. The interaction between all these constituents is understood well through this field.


This field refers to the study of functions of living organisms and their body parts. It helps in further understanding the interaction between cells, tissues, muscles, and organs to further closely examine the functioning of bodies.

Furthermore, all these streams of biology are interrelated teach other. For example, it is not possible to study concepts of zoology without studying ecology, physiology and evolutionary biology. Similarly, the study of cellular biology is much dependent on the concepts laid by biochemistry and molecular biology. Biology is often studied along with other fields such as mathematics, engineering, and social sciences and various sub-branches evolve from it. These are Biophysics, Astrobiology, Biogeography, Biomathematics, Bioengineering and few more.


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