Many people find speeches scary, not because they have never been to the podium, but because of facing many unknown and strange people in the audience whom they have never met. Selecting the right structure of a speech is very important, which can be done in a number of ways. The first method is selecting two or three themes and supporting them with stories, either personal or fictional. This makes the speech look much organized and develops the interest in the audience. Another type includes a speech which is backed up with short stories to have a resounding effect on the audience. These include anecdotes, stories, poems and much more. The third type of speech is which introduces autobiography and lessons reflecting on what has been learned by the speaker as he/she has grown up. However, one could also decide to speak on a general topic in a way wherein personal life is not much discussed. As the speech type here is impersonal, it might be tough to keep the audience interested throughout. Furthermore, many people are not aware of how long their speeches should be. A good speech should be long enough to cover the subject but not so long that the audiences lose interest. It is estimated that the appropriate length of a speech should be 10 to 15 minutes. It is always good to add little humor in speech for appropriate fun and keeping the audience active and attentive. Also, be enthusiastic while presenting. Without energy and enthusiasm, it is not possible to convey messages to the audience.  You must consider some important steps to make your speech remarkable:

  • Always think of your target audience to make sure that the message is conveyed across to them.
  • Pay attention to famous and prominent speakers who stand out from the rest.
  • Use quotes of famous people and various visual elements.
  • Start and finish your speech with something that will draw attention. Involve the use of catchy phrases, examples and interesting facts.



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