This branch of economics considers various aspects from a broad point of view, thereby analyzing the economic output of entire countries, their position in the international marketplace and how production is maximized by effective utilization of resources to encourage growth and success for future generations. The concepts of economic growth, phases in a business cycle, unemployment, inflation, and monetary policy, fiscal policy – are well covered by this branch of economics.

Macroeconomics is concerned with the study of behaviour of economy with booms and recessions, the total output of goods and services in an economy, growth of output, rates of inflation and unemployment, exchange rates, balance of payments and much more. Macroeconomics involves the study of various segments, few of which are listed below:

NATIONAL INCOME: This refers to summing of the value of final goods and services that are produced in a country in a financial year. It includes collecting information from each of the sector and calculating net values.

MONEY AND INFLATION: Money is the medium of exchange, so as to store the value of goods and services. It is one of the important parameters that define how a country is performing at a global level. The central bank takes the responsibility of monetary policies that include altering money liquidity and valuing currencies compared to foreign currencies.

BANKS AND FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS: Normally, commercial banks deal with deposit and withdrawal of money. The Central Bank of a country is the regulatory authority of all commercial and other types of banks.


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Ø AQA AS economics

Ø AQA A Level economics

Ø Inflation and Unemployment: The Phillips Curve

Ø IS LM Model

Ø Mondell Fleming model

Ø Principles of taxation

Ø The financial crisis

Ø Macroeconomics of inflation

Ø Macroeconomics and Politics

Ø Keynes’s General Theory

Ø Recessionary gap and inflationary gap

Ø Technology innovation and economic growth


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