While selling a product, either online or offline, product descriptions are extremely important. It is important to research well about the product so that the target audiences exactly know how to best sell the product. It is important to study the common characteristics of target audiences such as the age, gender, income level, buying habits, occupation, marital status, family status, location, ethnic group, hobbies, political affiliations, interests and much more – about the target audiences. If the company has an online presence, then specific tools such as Google Analytics is also used to identify demographics. It is also important to connect product’s features to its benefits. It is important to ask what customers would gain from the products.

Many a times, it is also important to make a list of descriptive words to describe the products. This is when you need to avoid neutral or common words in describing the product. While writing product descriptions, it is important to draw consumer’s attention (reader’s attention). It is also important to use the right tone when it comes to product descriptions. Readers respond to different tones of product descriptions. It is important that the writer uses / adopts the right tone for the audience at hand.

It is important to add the right keywords in product descriptions. For the same, it is important to do some research on SEO so as to ensure that you are using the right keywords, to drive shoppers to your product. Very often, keywords are self-explanatory and are used to draw attention of the consumers, so that they could but the right products accordingly.


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Product Descriptions are written in a strict format as per specific guidelines. These include the identifier, title, purpose, composition, derivation, format, presentation, quality criteria, quality tolerances, quality skills, quality responsibilities and much more. To write effective product descriptions, it is important to understand the nature, purpose, appearance and functions of the product. It is also important to identify the supplier of the product. Product descriptions help in effective selling of products.

To write effective product descriptions, it is important to know your target audience, focus on the product benefits, tell the full story, use natural language and tone, use power ads that sell, make it easy to scan, optimize for search engines, use good product images and much more. Certain key questions need to be well kept in mind while writing product descriptions such as:

  • How does a user / visitor / consumer arrive at your page?
  • What are his/her interests?
  • How would the person describe the product to a friend?
  • What features of the products would interest the person?
  • Why would a consumer be interested specifically in your store?

By keeping the above questions in mind, you would be able to write effective product descriptions that would help you in effective selling of products. Also, as a business owner, you need to be excited about sharing all qualities and details about your products. You need to show that your products have the best of features and specifications. A product description normally used natural language that you might use in real conversation. It is important to optimize the content on search engines and SEO is the easiest way to attract new customers to your page. This is the very first step in convincing a consumer to buy the products. Optimization begins with keywords which are usually the search terms that buyers use to find the products that they are shopping for. All aspects need to be focussed well such as page titles, meta descriptions, image tags, and much more. To write effective product descriptions, it is important to use good images and create effective product description templates. Many questions need to be applied well such as: what problem is your product solving? Which power words have you included, did you include the full story, would you say this to a friend, does your image clearly display its key features and benefits?


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