‘Managerial Accounting’ is also termed as ‘Management Accounting’ and refers to a profession that involves partnering in management decisions, planning and performance management systems. Managerial Accounting helps in measurement, examination, and reporting of financial / non-financial information based on which the management of an organization takes informed decisions to achieve business targets.

Managerial accounting involves the study of the following areas:

  • PLANNING AND BUDGETING: Managers use Managerial Accounting techniques to design what to vend, how to vend, what value charged to repay the cost of manufacturing and earn the best income, etc. These steps are important to keep commercial operations working efficiently. The concept of investment budgeting is very important in this area of work.
  • DECISION MAKING: The management of a company uses this information to evaluate the benefits of several opportunities and then decide which one to select. The relevant estimate techniques are deployed by the managers.
  • MEASUREMENT OF PERFORMANCE: The real results of a business are associated with budgeted statistics, so as to assess the presence of a commercial. Various accounting methods are used to evaluate the routine of specific subdivisions and necessary alterations are made as and when required.

This field of accounting involves identification, analysis, recording, and presentation of financial information so as to take informed business-related decisions. The fundamentals of Managerial Accounting helps in planning and budgeting of what to sell, pricing, decision-making for projects, understanding the benefits of opportunities related to a project, performance measurement of actual results of operations through standard costing, minimizing operational expenses, enhancing cash flows for business expenditures and much more.


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