Behaviour management guides people to change their actions within a specific context. Behaviour management is used to change negative negative behaviours and habits such as those that occur in education and behavioural health. The process involves identification of negative behaviour, raising awareness about alternative behaviours, offering positive reinforcement to encourage alternative behaviours and changing the environment to reduce negative behaviour. Many a times, parents use behaviour management techniques to alter children’s behaviour at home. These factors are triggers and identifying them is an important step in behaviour management. This helps in identification of which behaviours to encourage and which to discourage. Identification of consequences of negative behaviours is important and an essential step in behaviour management.

Behaviour management attempts to guide and motivate individuals to change their actions or interactions in certain settings. At times, teachers use behaviour management with individual students to alter their poor choices or bad habits. Many a times, therapists, medical professionals, employers and parents use behaviour management approaches. Behaviour management also includes identification of problems, negative behaviour, positive reinforcement to encourage new behaviour, education about replacement behaviour and much more. Behaviour management planning may also include behavioural analysis and data collection, education and role playing and much more.

Many Behavioural Management techniques are used to remain calm and professional during challenging situations. These include: (a) Being mindful of your own reaction, (b) maintain rational detachment, (c) be attentive, (c) use positive self-talk, (d) recognize your limits.


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