Mathematics is an essential subject to learn for a better understanding of the world around us which includes important issues faced by individuals, organizations, families, and nations at large. Many professionals from retailers to builders, lawyers and accountants need the basics of mathematics to perform well in various tasks. They need the expertise and knowledge of management in some of the other aspect of their profession so as to perform better and move ahead. The study of Mathematics helps in developing problem-solving as well as logical reasoning skills. It also helps in understanding the real problems of the world. This further would help in designing various mathematical and statistical models to make the world a better place to live in. The skills developed whilst learning this subject involves independent thinking, problem-solving, logical thinking, computer literacy as well as data modeling and analysis. To understand the logical working of the universe, the study of mathematics becomes essential. We should be well aware that our ancestor was fascinated by this subject and most of the wonders of the world developed due to the existence of mathematics. This subject also forms the basis of research in all forms of weaponry and missile systems and everything that is moving around in this world. The skills of logical thinking, problem-solving and statistical analysis at workplace help in making an individual organized and financially sound than others. The various theorems and postulates forming the basis of this subject might be quite challenging for people to understand. However, some find it exciting and resort to the challenges in a brilliant fashion. This subject requires an intelligent approach at work. In the twenty-first century, higher mathematics and statistics have become important tools in business, medicine, social sciences, economics, and many other fields. Most importantly, the applications of mathematics help in the development of modern civilization.


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