Epidemiology is the study that finds causes of health outcomes and diseases in populations. Epidemiology is the study of scientific, systematic and data driven distribution of health related states and events. This study is also used for the control of health problems. This subject is the cornerstone of public health and various policy decisions. Epidemiologists help in the collection, design and statistical analysis of data and results. The main areas of epidemiology are transmission, disease surveillance, environmental epidemiology, occupational epidemiology, biomonitoring, screening, occupational epidemiology and others. Epidemiologists rely much on various disciplines such as biology, statistics, social sciences as well as engineering. The term epidemiology is widely applied to cover description and causation of epidemic disease, health related conditions, such as high blood pressure, obesity and others.

Epidemiology concerns the study of factors determining and influencing the frequency and distribution of disease, injury and other health related events and their causes in a defined human population. The main purpose is to establish programs to prevent and control their development. The field of epidemiology includes analytic epidemiology as well as descriptive epidemiology. Descriptive epidemiology is the first stage in which a disease that has occurred is examined well. Tentative theories with regards to the cause of the disease are formulated well. Analytic epidemiology refers to the second stage in which the hypothesis generated in the descriptive phase are tested well.


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