The subject of philosophy involves rational explanation of everything in sight. It questions pre-existing concepts of science, behaviour as well as sociology. Philosophical issues may also fall in the area of epistemology, ethics and metaphysics. Epistemology involves the study of justification and logical approach behind scientific knowledge acquired by human beings. The questions in Metaphysics are related to nature and reality. The issues pertain to existence of God and nature of human will. Over the years, many philosophers have drawn various postulates regarding contemporary questions known today. But, these have failed to attain recognition and acceptance. While the study of Metaphysics questions the reality, Ethics concern human perception regarding things that we must do, organize or how we should live. The concept of ethics can be understood by religious beliefs and communal morality.

The subject of Philosophy has various branches. These include the following:


This branch of Philosophy is mainly concerned with the theories of Aristotle, Socrates and Plato. Socrates is also known as the father of Philosophy. He had philosophical ideas on wisdom and scepticism. Plato made efforts to distinguish between knowledge and reality. He emphasized upon the various states of mind that a person can achieve through knowledge. Aristotle made significant efforts to show how data and numbers can be manipulative.


This field of Philosophy deals with the knowledge of human processes that depend oon the evidence of senses or alternate justification. This idea behind foundation of knowledge distinguishes empiricism from rationalism.


According to this branch of Philosophy, knowledge is acquired through experience. Famous philosophers namely John Locke and David Hume have successfully explained the concept of Empiricism. John Locke had a political point of view whereas David Hume resorted to idealistic views about empiricism.


This branch of Philosophy deals with scientific concept of learning, asking questions, formulating hypothesis, experimentation to test hypothesis – so as to yield substantial amount of results that make us understand the existence of hypothesis. This pattern of reasoning employed to recognize relevant laws is termed as Science of Philosophy.


This branch of Philosophy explains the metaphysical questions regarding functionality of mind and ho beliefs such as desire, anger, happiness, perceptions and memories have an impact on human understanding. Ever since the dualist concept of behaviour and learning was proposed, various philosophers, psychologists, communication experts and neuroscientists have been working hard to prove this hypothesis. r intention is to


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