Patent Writing is receiving increased attention due to recent litigation processes. You might lack the formal training required for patent writing, or the training might be restricted to report writing. Patents are a field that link various areas of expertise including writing, logical thinking, legal as well as technical knowledge. It is important that the patent writer has a complete view of contents that a patent must incorporate.

Normally, a patent is composed of four section: Abstract, Invention, Description, Figures and Claims. The section that carries legal value is the claim section which can contain several claims. Patents normally follow what is called the all element rule. The 26 Steps rule is normally applied while writing a patent and this needs to be well understood by the patent writer. All these steps are well documented in the following section.

While drafting a patent, it is important that the claims are complete, supported and precise. The claim must have its own sentence and should be clear and concise. The structure of the claim should include introductory phase, body of the claim, and a link that joins the two. The patent applications must include certain primary sections such as the Title, Priority Claim, Background, Summary, Brief Description of Drawing, Detailed Descriptions, Claims, Abstract as well as Drawings.


As mentioned below, you might lack the formal training required for patent writing, or the training might be restricted to report writing. When you resort for a patent writing help, the writer has to complete 26 small steps to produce an effective patent. These steps are well mentioned below:

Ø  STEP-1: Understand what you need to know

Ø  STEP-2: Understand what is the novelty of invention

Ø  STEP-3: Make a general claim

Ø  STEP-4: Create a name for your invention

Ø  STEP-5: Describe the field / application area

Ø  STEP-6: Describe the problem addressed

Ø  STEP-7: Describe the previous solutions

Ø  STEP-8: Describe the weakness of previous solutions

Ø  STEP-9: Develop a set of figures

Ø  STEP-10: Create a list of names and numbers

Ø  STEP-11: Describe each picture individually

Ø  STEP-12:Describe how the invention solves the problem

Ø  STEP-13:Describe the advantage of the invention

Ø  STEP-14: Relate the advantages to new features

Ø  STEP-15: Describe the status of disclosure

Ø  STEP-16: Describe a complete example

Ø  STEP-17: Identify other ways of practicing the invention

Ø  STEP-18: Write generalizing conclusion

Ø  STEP-19: Write derived claims

Ø  STEP-20: Write figure-inspired claims

Ø  STEP-21: Write claims of different nature

Ø  STEP-22: Write the invention description section

Ø  STEP-23: Detailed description of drawings

Ø  STEP-24:Statement regarding federally sponsored R&D

Ø  STEP-25: Cross reference to related applications

Ø  STEP-26: Conclusions and references

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