The subject of travel and tourism includes practical as well as theoretical aspects of touring. This includes introducing, performing, persuading, promoting, operating as well as managing travelling business for entertainment or financial gains. Technically, a tour refers to a journey that is specific whereas travelling is a broad terminology that expresses any movement from aa specific point to another. The subject of travel and tourism includes the study of travel agents, transportation, attraction, accommodation, catering, tour operators and much more. An expert in the field of travel and tourism can avail various job opportunities such as those in the field of logistics, travel agencies, transport officer, event manager, ticketing officer, holiday consultant and many more. The subject of travel and tourism may involve submission of tourism reports, travel itineraries, hotel management case studies and much more. This course involves the study of leisure tourism, educational tourism, hospitality tourism, and much more.

As per the United Nations’ Recommendations on Tourist Statistics, the three forms of tourism are:

  • INBOUND TOURISM: This includes study of non-residents travelling in a country.
  • OUTBOUND TOURISM: This includes study of residents travelling in another country.
  • DOMESTIC TOURISM: This includes study of residents travelling in their own country.

Our team of subject experts of Travel and Tourism, editors, proofreaders and quality analysts provide assistance in various branches such as Volunteer Tourism, Recession Tourism, Experiential tourism, Leisure Tourism and others. Apart from these, other areas of study in this subject includes Sports Tourism, Sustainable Tourism, Pro-poor tourism, Religious tourism, Educational Tourism, Doom Tourism, Social Tourism, Dark Tourism, Hospitality Tourism, Medical Tourism and others. Few of these branches are well explained / defined below:

  • LEISURE TOURISM: This branch of study is concerned with advancements in the mode of transportation and leisure travel.
  • MEDICAL TOURISM: This branch of study is associated with details of travel plans and procedures conducted with sole purpose of attaining medical treatments.
  • HOSPITALITY TOURISM: This refers to the study of hotel management, event management, catering, etc.
  • EDUCATIONAL TOURISM: This branch of study is concerned with the preparation of training and placement programs of tourism.
  • DARK TOURISM: This branch of study involves the study of places associated with death and suffering. This might include abandoned forts, battlegrounds, etc.
  • ECO-TOURISM: This branch of study is concerned with trip ethics associated with conservation of natural resources or cultural heritage.


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  • Hospitality utilities and dark tourism
  • Marketing of online tourism industry
  • Comparative study of winery tourism and travelling for spices and condiments
  • Food and beverage industry of coastal area states
  • Tourism and opportunities of rural area development
  • How does off-season spikes affect event and hotel management processes
  • Rising trend of tourism towards exotic places and its effects on the hospitality industry


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