International Business refers to trade of goods and services outside the national boundaries of a country. The different types of businesses involved in international business are export business, import business, franchise business, strategic partnership, joint ventures, foreign direct investment (FDI) and others. The importance of International Business is earning foreign exchange, optimum utilization of resources, avail benefits from the government, expansion and diversification, increasing competitive capacity, and others.

There are certain key elements of international business that ensure that every business is able to succeed in the global marketplace. Few of these elements are listed below:

  • INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS: International Relations (IR) refers to the interaction and bond that exists between various countries and companies of the world. This relationship can be economic, cultural or political. IR ensures success of a company in different countries of the world.
  • CROSS CULTURAL COMMUNICATION: This is defined as the communication that takes place between people of diverse cultural backgrounds. IR brings in the concept of cross cultural management which leads to several challenges, so as to ensure effective communication by managers.
  • INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS STRATEGIES: These strategies are formulated by companies that plan to cater to global market place. These strategies enable organizations in deploying resources in various activities undertaken for accomplishing goals which include financial resources, knowledge resources, human resources and others.
  • MODES OF ENTRY: There are diverse modes of entry to enter the international marketplace. These include merger, acquisitions, franchising, licensing, joint ventures, turnkey projects, export and import, strategic alliance and others.


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