The subject of Psychology tries to understand how and why people think in a specific manner and feel and act in different ways. The subject encompasses several levels of analysis of behavior and mental processes. It includes various topics such as how the brain works, how memory is organized, how children learn about the world and much more. Psychologists work in diverse areas such as clinical psychology, educational psychology, organizational psychology, forensic psychology, health psychology, and others. What are the main reasons for learning psychology? For some, it could be simply about building up a career in psychology. For others, it may seem as a matter of curiosity and for others, it might just be a reason for a better understanding of topics such as emotion, motivation, cognition, love, communication and many more. To start with, psychology may seem like a very difficult and daunting topic. However, by understanding the basic facts of the subject would make it easier to get started. Some of the important facts that you need to know about the fascinating subject is as follows:

  • Psychology is the study of mind and behavior
  • Psychology relies on scientific methods
  • Psychologists tackle problems from various perspectives such as biological, cognitive, behavioral, evolutionary and humanistic perspectives.
  • Psychology is about more than mental health
  • Psychologists make on facing human lives better

Psychological knowledge can be used in many situations where people act and interact. Many tools and techniques are used in psychology to understand and examine human behavior. Various fields of psychology also include Social Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Personality Psychology, and Cognitive Psychology, Intercultural Psychology, Aesthetic Psychology, Work and Organizational Psychology and a few more.

This field of study od applicable to various spheres of human activity. These deal with issues related to family, education, employment, treatment of mental health problems and much more. This branch of study involves many sub-fields and applications such as areas pertaining to human development, sports, health, media and law, and others. It involves research in various disciplines such as Humanities, Natural Sciences as well as Social Sciences. Many other disciplines of Psychology are discussed below:

  • LEGAL PSYCHOLOGY: This branch of psychology deals with psychological research of law, legal institutions and people who come in contact with law. This branch of study becomes important when one needs information pertaining to eye-witness memory, investigations, jury decision-making, interviewing and much more.
  • COGNITIVE PSYCHOLOGY: This branch of psychology deals with study of mental processes such as memory, perception, problem-solving, creativity, thinking and others. This branch of study is also integrated with other disciplines of psychology such as personality psychology, abnormal psychology, social psychology and economics.
  • COMPARATIVE PSYCHOLOGY: This branch of psychology deals with study of animal behaviour. Research on animal behaviour began with the work of Georges Romanes and Charles Darwin, which continued to grow into a multidisciplinary subject. The important topics involved in this branch of psychology include the study of evolution, adaptation and learning, mating and parenting behaviour and much more.
  • PERSONALITY PSYCHOLOGY: This branch of psychology deals with understanding of personality of an individual. It is important to understand the personality traits and psychological processes of an individual in order to develop in-depth understanding in this subject.

Few other disciplines of psychology include Social psychology, Developmental psychology, Counselling psychology, Scholl psychology, Industrial/Organizational psychology, Health psychology, Clinical psychology, Forensic psychology, Evolutionary psychology, Quantitative psychology, Biological psychology, Critical psychology, Abnormal psychology and few more.


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