A press release is the mainstay of public relations for decades now. If you are confused in deciding whether something warrants press release or not, simply ask yourself – is it newsworthy? It should be a topic of interest, something that audiences outside the internal organization could care about, something that is of much significance to a reporter, viewers, listeners or even external stakeholders (investors, etc).  Therefore, we can say that a press release is an official news statement from your business, around 400-600 words, shared with the news media. Few questions to ask for determining a press release include:  Who will this information affect? Why does this information matter now? Moreover, the press release has four important components which are the headline, the body, the boilerplate and the contact information. The boilerplate is the ‘About Us’ section where you provide information about the organization and is included following the body of every press release.


Our team of writers is experienced in techniques used in writing a press release. They know how to create an attractive headline, write a descriptive sub-headline, craft a powerful lead paragraph, develop a story in the body in a clear and objective manner, proofread it, include a quote in the body, add boilerplate copy at the end and include the appropriate contact details. The press release is then distributed as required and decided upon. The key questions targeted by our team of writers while writing a press release are:

  • Who are the key players – company or anyone else?
  • Why is this news important and what does it tell people that they need to know?
  • What is new in this press release?
  • What is the timing of the events discussed? Are they significant enough

So, are you stuck writing a press release? Do not worry anymore. Our team of proficient writers are here to help you out at very affordable prices. Submit your precise Press Release requirement NOW