The study of Social Sciences involves many branches and disciplines such as Economics, Geography, Political Science, Demography, Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Archaeology, History, Linguistics, Jurisprudence Cultural Studies, Criminology and few more. Social Sciences include those subjects which assess and explain human beings. Many ways of understanding human beings include in-depth knowledge of how minds work and how societies function at large. Let us specifically try to understand each stream of Social Sciences.


Anthropology is also termed as the ‘science of humanity’ and covers many topics such as human behavior, the evolution of humanity, cultural relations and much more. The study is influenced much at the scientific as well as humanistic level and its applications could extend from history to modern contexts as well.


Just like anthropology, archaeology much relates to the study of humanity. It relies much on the study of material evidence left behind by cultures. Much analysis is done on the basis of excavation work as well as surveys.


The production, distribution and consumption of goods and services is studied well under Economics. It majorly focuses on the working of the economic systems of the world. This subject involves many theories and has practical applications in the economic world too.


At the school level, Geography is an individual subject which involves the study of maps, analyzing populations, land and also linking various theories of earth sciences. However, at an advanced level, one can specialize in a particular branch such as tourism geography, environmental management, oceanology and much more.


This stream relates much about studying events occurred in the past and various theories related to them. The applications of historical events related to assessing ideas and make decisions about the present and the future against available evidence.


The study of la involves a variety of legal systems such as contract law, criminal law or international laws – to name a few. Students who pursue this course eventually become law consultants. It is also possible to study this subject solely to build up a strong career.


This stream of Social Sciences refers to the study of language. In other words, linguistics has much to do with how language itself works rather than learning the particular language in consideration. Therefore, various aspects of the language such as grammar, punctuations, language acquisition and evolution of the language are considered.


This is much related to Political Philosophy, International Relations and Comparative Politics. Therefore, the subject helps in understanding both historical and current events. As politics affect every part of life, it is indeed an interesting area of study.


Psychology under Social Sciences refers to studying both social behavior and neurobiological processes. Various other processes are studied such as interpersonal relationships, child development or social psychology.


The study of society as an individual as well as the structural level is termed as Sociology. It covers broad areas such as class, religion and social mobility. Sociologists either frame theories on various conceptual frameworks or use the findings for the welfare of the society at large. Therefore, for any society that has evolved plentiful depicting many changes over time, there is much to study and develop an interest in this subject.

There are many more sub-subjects that could be included under Social Sciences. Each university decides on these much before the beginning of the curriculum. As an example, these could also include international relations and media studies.



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