STATA is a powerful tool for statistics that is used in the management, analysis and production of graphical visualization of data. STATA is used by many researchers in the fields such as political science, economics and biomedicine. STATA makes use of graphical interface. STATA is accurate, easy to use and handles commands faster. STATA ensures that analyses can be reproduced and documented for publication and review. STATA has many statistical features. Many techniques can be accessed in STATA such s Bayesian analysis, Finite mixture model, Latent class analysis, structural equation modeling and others. STATA is equipped with many data management facilities. STATA allo combination and reshapes of different types of data such as float, double, string variables, integer and others. The STATA software may run on Windows, Mac, Linus/Unix as well as many other operating systems. Users may share datasets and programs on various platforms without translation. STATA can also work with many datasets which are imported from databases, spreadsheets and statistical packages.

STATA assignment experts provide help in many areas such as data collection and forecasting based on time series analysis, non-parametric methods, regression models for categorical dependent variables, multivariate methods, sample size and statistical power, panel data analysis, propensity score analysis, regression and model building, power and sample size, multivariate methods and much more.

Our STATA experts assist students in various tasks such as advanced quantitative methods, applied econometrics, data management, analysis and graphics, time series analysis, propensity score analysis and much more. STATA is used in many statistical techniques such as survival models with frailty assignment, dynamic panel data (DPD), regression assignment, generalized estimating equations, multilevel mixes models assignment, multiple imputation assignment, ARCH assignment and estimation with complex survey sample assignment such as linear and generalized linear models (GLM), cluster analysis, case-control analysis, basic tabulations, summary statistics and much more. STATA allows straight forward creation of variables and sub-setting data. Through STATA, the users can share complex coding syntax. Also, it becomes possible for the users to learn coding quickly as syntax is provided. STATA can be too difficult at times as complex programming may be involved. STATA refers to a statistical software which allows users to manipulate all kinds of data. The user may control the variable and integrate data sets accordingly. STATA has a truncreg tool that is used to perform linear regression. STATA is extremely essential in statistics and data management. It is designed for powerful intuitive syntax. Various topics are covered in STATA such as basic tabulations, data regression dynamic panel, survival models, cluster and regression analysis, MANOVA and ANOVA and much more.

The use of ANOVA involves the following assumptions: errors are expected to generate zero values, errors are independent, errors have equal variances and that there is normal distribution of errors. There are two main types of analysis of variance. One way ANOVA is known as unidirectional which allows only one independent variable. One way ANOVA is used to determine similarity of samples and impact of a factor on independent variable. The two-way ANOVA is an extension of one-way ANOVA and has two independent variables. It is used by researchers to observe the interaction between two factors and their effects at the same time. We provide Chi Square assistance in various topics such as exact sampling distributions, cumulant generating function, chi square probability curve, linear transformation, moment generating function of distribution


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