‘Research Proposal’ refers to a document proposing a research project and normally constitutes a request for sponsorship of that research. A research proposal addresses several key points such as: (a) What research questions will be addresses and how they will be addressed, (b) Time and expense required for research, (c) Prior research done on the topic, (d) How results of research would be evaluated, (e) How research benefits sponsoring organization and other related parties.

A Research Proposal is used to establish whether there is expertise to support proposed area of research or not. It constitutes an important part of the assessment of your application. The Research Proposal is written in an appropriate format, which includes the following:

Ø  TITLE: The title of the research proposal should give a clear indication of your proposed research approach or key questions.

Ø  BACKGROUND AND RATIONALE: This section of the research proposal includes background and issues of your proposed research, identifies your discipline, a short literature review, a summary of key debates and developments in the field.

Ø  RESEARCH QUESTIONS: It is important to formulate the research questions clearly so as to give a clear explanation of what problems need to be explored and why is it worth exploring.

Ø  RESEARCH METHODOLOGY: In this section, it is important to provide an outline of the theoretical resources to be drawn on, the research approach and a discussion of advantages as well as disadvantages of various methods and approaches.

Ø  PLAN OF WORK / TIME SCHEDULE: This section includes an outline of various stages and corresponding time lines for implementing research, including writing up of thesis.

Ø  BIBLIOGRAPHY: This section includes the list of references to key articles and texts discussed within the research proposal. It should also mention a selection of sources appropriate to the proposed research.


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