Criminal law is one of the oldest disciplines in the legal arena. Normally, any sort of misdeed is considered to be a crime and is punishable under law. The criminal law has its own set of different rules and regulations. This law is governed by predefined sections that assist the courts of a country. The Criminal Law involves different forms of jurisdictions associated with security of health, property, moral welfare and community.


Various crimes are covered under the Criminal Law such as theft and fraud crimes, drug related crimes, Felony crimes, crime against property, crime against an individual, crime against public order, misdemeanour crimes and much more.


The Criminal Justice System ensures that justice is given o everyone and that the guilty is punished and are controlled in committing crime in the near future. This system also makes sure that the innocent is always safe and does not suffer for anything that he/she has not done. Under criminal law, the state strives to protect prospects of the society like it reduces and prevents crime. The other advantage includes the non-utilarian and representative benefit. Many people may also take benefit of the system which leads to imbalance in the society. Under this advantage, the imbalances are amended by the jurisdiction.

This branch of study makes sure that people become aware of the laws that are made for the safety of the acquitted or the defendant from overreaching of the law enforcement officers. The defendant hires an attorney to defend themselves. The court may also appoint an attorney to defend their case. The key factors that each researcher examining criminal law should know the following:

  • Law enforcement: This system comprises of individuals from the society who implement laws against people who are damaging it.
  • Arraignment: The prosecutors or legal counsellors are delegates of Federal government.
  • Resistance attorney: These individuals protect people who are against the case.
  • Amendments: The prison guard normally watches the casualty whilst their opportunity in prison.
  • Courts: The judges control the arrangement of courts which is in charge of reasonable choice.


There are five major components in a law judiciary system. These are well explained below:

  • LAW ENFORCEMENT: The role of law enforcement officers is to keep a track of all crimes which takes place in the locality. This is followed by preparation of a report, arresting offenders, follow-up of investigations whenever required, giving testimonies in the court, collection of evidence at the crime scene and much more.
  • PROSECUTION: The prosecutors or lawyers represent the state or federal government. They attend all the court sessions from beginning of any case till the last session wherein the defendant is found innocent or punished. All the evidences of the case are carefully viewed and it is decided whether the case is reported or dropped. The prosecutors present all the evidence in the court, asks questions to the witnesses to solve the case, analyze details pertaining to the case and decide whether a compromise with the opposition should be done or not.
  • DEFENCE ATTORNEY: These are appointed by the court or the defendants themselves. The defence attorney represents the criminal offender and defend the suspect against the government’s case.
  • COURTS: The court system is controlled by the state’s judges. It is made sure by the judges that everyone follows the laws and check that the court’s activities go smoothly. They also decide whether or not the offender is released before the trials or not. They accept / reject plea agreements, oversee trials and sentence convinced offenders.
  • CORRECTIONS: There are correction officers who check sentenced offenders who are in jail or prison. The punishment is decided by judges by preparing pre-sentencing reports which includes all information about the criminal. These officers are also in charge of seeing that safe and secured facilities are given to the offenders. They also have the control of release process of prisoner.


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