Software Engineering deals with all aspects and characteristics related to maintain a software. This also deals with various fundamentals required to be learnt while preparation of a software. The fundamentals maintain the functionality and feasibility of the software, so as to increase the usefulness of the software. System engineers are involved in system specifications, architectural design, integration of data as well as deployment of software.

The computer programs in the older days were unsophisticated and lacked many features required for effective functioning. Moreover, the programs were written in assembly language and were lengthy too. There have been increasing innovations in the field of computer programming and therefore management of huge programs has no become possible. Software Engineering now makes the use of control flow-based design used to manage operations in various industries.

Various new high-level programming languages have been introduced in software engineering. These include COBOL, FORTRAN, etc. so that newer opportunities could be availed. Moreover, advanced frameworks have been designed by software engineers to maintain the control of flow of data in software programs. This further helps in maintaining performance, complexity and security of data.

Implementation of software in compute engineering involves four important steps. These include: (A) Software Specification – wherein the software to be produced is defined appropriately by the customers and system engineers, (B) Software Development – wherein the software is designed and programmed, (C) Software Validation: wherein the validity of a software is checked and (D) Software Evolution: wherein software is modified as per the requirements of the customer and the market.

There are various stages pertaining to Software Development. To start with,  requirement analysis is undertaken so as to understand the precise requirements of the client for the given software. The software is thereafter designed to get the relevant solution. The software is then implemented as a part of the undertaken project and the relevant program coding is done. This is followed on by testing of software and executing its applications. Lastly, maintenance of software includes bringing about changes in the existing software to increase its usefulness.

Software should be written in a manner so that it meets the changing needs of the customers. Software must be efficient and should not involve wastage of any resources. It should have increased usefulness as per its design and integration. The advantages of software engineering include consistent solutions to problems, standardized methods of implementation, re-engineering solutions and innovative testing methods.

The challenges pertaining to software engineering include scalability, quality, productivity, functionality, usability, reliability, maintenance, efficiency, portability as well as consistency.


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Various projects have been undertaken under software engineering. These include the following:

Ø  Feasibility and requirement analysis of a software

Ø  Software engineering development life cycle

Ø  Software project work breakdown structure

Ø  Software design model report

Ø  Software programming

Ø  Software development and implementation

Ø  Quality management of a software

Ø  Software maintenance, testing and support


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