Digital Marketing refers to marketing concepts using digital technologies, via internet and other digital mediums. Digital marketing involves online campaign management, visual marketing, online advertising and much more. Online campaign management and online advertising are very similar to each other. They include activities which promote goods and services through different media such as radio, television, online and print platforms, blogs, magazines and much more. Visual marketing refers to allocation of right pictures and images explaining different concepts.

Many strategies are involved in the concept of Digital Marketing, few of which are explained below:

AFFILIATE MARKETING: Affiliate marketing helps in advocating your brand and drive sales on a commission basis. Strategies to mobilize such influencers come under affiliate marketing.

CONTENT CREATION: This includes creation of blogs, images, videos, social network posts, pdfs, ebooks and infographics. It is essential to decide which type of creation works best with your kind of audience.

CONTENT CURATION: This is an important step in keeping your fans and followers engaged with interesting content and actionable insights. It can help you find relevant content to share on a continuous basis.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: Online platforms make excellent customer service channels. These allow businesses to address the complaints and inquiries of customers in real time. Customer service strategies through digital platforms are designed, so as to respond to customer’s chats, emails and phone calls quickly and efficiently.

DISPLAY RETARGETING STRATEGY: When someone finds something on a website, but leaves it without purchasing. The online advertisements may crop up again and again. These are termed as re-targeting ads. This strategy is important to persuade the customers to buy the product and this is how a led is successfully converted.

EMAIL MARKETING STRATEGIES: Email marketing plays an essential role in business promotions. Few of the tools used to automate email marketing campaigns are Mail Chimp, Emma, Marketo and few more.

ORGANIC SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGIES: Various brands use different tools and strategies to engage with their existing customers and attract prospects via digital platforms. These include various strategies such as contests, polls, quizze, hashtag campaigns, user-generated content, referral programs and much more.

PAID SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGIES: Social networks play a great role in promoting brands to target groups of customers. Businesses pay social media platforms on per impression or per click basis.

PROGRAMMATIC ADVERTISING: Programmatic advertising software offers much of audience data so tht it can help you target ads in a better manner. It also helps you in choosing the best time to display ads on a given platform.

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION: SEO is an important part of most company’s online marketing activities. Both SEO and SEM focus on page rankings, link building and content marketing. There are tools that help in analyzing content performance and help you crawl websites.

VIDEO HOSTING: To draw in target audience, you need to create powerful videos and host them on popular video sites. High definition ad-free videos with high quality content have highest chances to go viral.

WEBSITE ANALYTICS: Web nalytics allow you to trck site visitors and increase conversions to sales and revenue.

WEBSITE TESTING: Various tools of website testing help you track how a small change on website affects the traffic. These tools allow you to create landing pages quickly for testing purposes. These tools also help you to test what kinds of visualization and content creation you need to go for to succeed and proceed ahead.


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