Physiology is one of important fields of science that deals with functioning of living systems. Physiology helps us to learn about cells, tissues and organs of the body and various other functions. Physiology is important in research and for everyone who studies science. Science is a subject that deals with real world evidences and facts. Physiology helps in designing drugs, medicines as well as other desired products.

Physiology is divided into various branches such as human physiology, exercise physiology, applied physiology, insect physiology and defense physiology. Physiology deals with the study of body functions. The concept of physiology arose in 19th century and early forms of physiology can be traced from traditions of medical practices and the works of Aristotle and Galen in the ancient Greco-Roman world. Our body consists of four types of fluids: black bile, phlegm, blood as well as yellow bile. Physiology is a subject that involves study of how living organisms work. This subject provides the bridge between scientific discoveries and applications to medical science. The various branches of physiology are explained below:

  • CELL PHYSIOLOGY: This branch of study is important for natural investigation of cellular functions. It is important to study the physiology of layer transport, neuron transmission and muscle withdrawal.
  • SYSTEMS PHYSIOLOGY: This field of study relates to normal body functions that are important for understanding human health. This branch of study clarifies the concepts regarding how organs maintain a state of homeostasis. This field of study is important to understand various disease such as dementia, metabolic disorders, renal disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, cancer and others.
  • EVOLUTIONARY PHYSIOLOGY: This branch of physiology deals with how our body systems and organs have adapted and changed over multiple generations. The role of behaviour in sexual selection, evolution and physiological changes with regards to geographic variations is well understood.
  • DEFENSE PHYSIOLOGY: This field of study deals with changes in body functions that occur as a reaction to any potential threat like preparation of flight response.
  • EXERCISE PHYSIOLOGY: This field of study is related to physiology of physical exercises. The study includes research into bioenergetics, biochemistry, biomechanics, hematology, muscle physiology, nervous system function, cardiopulmonary function and much more.


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