A data flow diagram is diagrammatic representation of data which gives information about how the data flows in the system. It also makes you understand the source of data and how it interacts to produce the needful output. The diagram allows you to find out the source of input as well as output. It also finds the relationship between input and output and lastly, it finds out the graphical connection producing the desired result. A data flow diagram also helps in visualization of data and its processing, and the output that is generated so that the needful changes could be made as and when required.

Data flow diagrams have two types of notations: Yourdon and Coad as well as Gane and Sarson. There are three types of Data Flow Diagrams, and these are well explained below:

  • Context Diagram: This is also termed as Level O DFD and is the highest level of DFD. It constitutes of one process node known as Process 0. This diagram does not contain much storage data and depicts only Major Data Flows.
  • Level 1 DFDs: In this type of diagram, multiple views are created of the same external entities, so as to aavoid the problem of cross lines created in the diagrm
  • Level 2 DFDs: These processes are further broken down until the pseudo code is reached. This process has a lot of DFD linking and is extracted first into a separate diagram which is much similar to context diagram.

There are various advantages of using a data flow diagram. A data flow diagram is extremely easy to understand. Moreover, the user can make changes as and when required. The straight forward graphical representation technique assists in detailed representation of the system component which is much easy to recognize.


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