ACareer Episodewell demonstrates your engineering work and education. It highlights how you apply engineering skills to your occupation. Furthermore, your Career Episode report must demonstrate that you have all the competency elements required for occupation category for which you are applying. The Career Episode may be based on any engineering task which you may have undertaken as a part of education. It may also be based on any engineering project on which you might have worked hard on. It could be based on any particular engineering problem that you were required to solve. The career episode report has to be written in an essay format rather than in tabular form. The three career episodes in CDR are written on three different projects that are done in final year engineering, internship program or work related projects.

The format of a career episode report is given below:

INTRODUCTION: This section introduces the reader to career episode and should include basic information such as chronology, name of the organization, geography where the particular episode happened, title of the position held by you and much more.

BACKGROUND: After the introduction, many more details are given such as nature, objectives of project, organization chart, responsibilities highlighting your position and much more. This section has to be completed in 200-500 words.

PERSONAL ENGINEERING ACTIVITY: This is the core of the career episode where the engineering abilities are demonstrated well. This should include how the knowledge was applied, tasks given to you, how tasks were accomplished, difficulties encountered along the way, how difficulties were resolved, how you worked with other team members, and much more.

SUMMARY: This section of the report talks about whether the project achieved its objectives or not and your personal role in it. The word limit for this section is about 50-100 words.


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