The subject of Strategic Human Resource Management (HRM) helps you handle work-related problems and management. It helps you manage routinely activities of an organization. Strategic Human Resource Management constitutes the asset of every business or organization.

The few steps involved in the process of Strategic HRM include the following:

Ø Recruiting workers in the organization

Strategic HRM involves effective recruitment of workers in an organization. It helps managers recruit the best of workers for the organization, so as to help them raise their revenue.

Ø Staffing of the workers in the organization

Different staff can be recruited via effective HRM strategies. This helps the organization to understand the workers in an effective manner.

Ø Compensation and benefits for the workers

Through compensation and benefits, strategic HRM is used for paying remuneration to workers. This in turn helps workers to work efficiently for their well being.

Ø Training and learning for the workers in the organization

Strategic HRM helps workers to train themselves for the given job. The workers need to be trained well by the management of any organization. If effective training is not given, they will not be able to understand their work efficiently.

Ø Development of the organization

Strategic HRM is a process by which an organization can develop on its own. It helps the organization to manage processes and helps in effective recruitment too. If this is not done, then the competitor’s needs and demands might not be met.


Strategic Human Resource Management helps a company to stand on its own. It is important in the following ways:

Ø Strategic HRM helps managers effectively and strategically hire workers. The managers hire the employees in such a way that it benefits them as well as the company.

Ø The managers are taught to manage the benefits of the workers and pay them proper incentives which are the driving factor of any business organization.

Ø Any organization that is starting to stand amongst the competitors needs to have an effective strategic HRM.

Ø The managers working with the subordinates need to maintain peace and harmony for the advantage of workers. All the stages of work field are balanced appropriately so that the managers stay peacefully with their workers by working hand in hand.

Ø Any company that wants to stand on its own, needs to make sure that their legal aspects are well covered. This is to make sure that they are not questioned by legal authorities at any stage.


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Ø  Barriers to the implementation of HR strategies

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Ø  Managing people in multi-cultural environment

Ø  Personnel Management

Ø  HRM functions and tasks

Ø  Designing an effective career development plan

Ø  Organizational Planning and Growth

Ø  HR strategic initiatives to meet emergent business challenges and opportunities

Ø  Implementation of HR policies


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