Before the execution and implementation of any business, it is important to draft a good business plan with a well defined business model. Business Plan refers to a written outline of a new existing business venture which is prepared after evaluation of all aspects of economic viability of the business venture. Business Plan is an important tool for business through which objectives of a company are defined and scope of products and services are also defined well.

A business plan can also be said as an operational document that defines the overall business of an organization. Thus, we can say that business plan includes creation of a project report which describes the business plan and assessment of the business viability based on it. While writing a business plan, it is essential to carefully think through every step of starting your business. The weaknesses and strengths of the business ideas are explored well while writing a business plan. Business plan writing also helps in identifying opportunities and challenges that are likely to execute while implementation of a business plan.

The purpose of a business plan could be manifold, such as:

Ø  Discussing the proposal with a third party or angel investment

Ø  Investments from family, friends, customers, venture capitalists, and others.

Ø  Availing a loan from a bank

Ø  Operational plan implementation

Ø  Tracking of partners, customers, investors – for strategic appliances.

The essentials of business planning are business identification, competition study, capital expenditure, and studying the needs and sources of funds. The business identification includes considering few key points such as identifying business activities, business name, mission statement, supporting members, business type, project cost, place of business and much more. The Competition Study involves identifying the competitors and evaluating their strategies to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your business plan. The number of competitors, market and trend analysis, pricing, and various other parameters are included in this study. The study of Capital expenditure refers to the amount required to be spent to acquire assets in order to set a business. These include the cost of machines, equipments, space deposit, furniture, etc, while planning the business. The finances for business are required for various purposes such as starting a business, running the business, holding inventory and receivables, growing the business, sustainability of the business, and much more.

While writing a business plan, it is important to gather and access significant amount of information such as the cash flow statement, income statement, balance sheet, detailed financial projections, capital equipment list, letters of support and credibility and much more. Various documents are required for Business Plan writing such as KYC documents, address and identity proofs, quotations of machinery, equipments, furniture and other assets to be purchased, ITR forms, bank statements, business specific licenses, work orders and much more.


It is important for every business to have a written business plan to provide direction or attract investors. This is essential for the success of an organization. Writing a business plan involves systematic headings such as executive summary, company description, market analysis, organization and management, products and services being offered, marketing and sales, funding requests, financial projections and much more. Writing a business plan involves in-depth study of the various parameters involved in execution and implementation of the business. It also involves in-depth research in the given area so that the business plan could be executed successfully.

Business Plan Writing help is needed as: (a) Much research is needed to write a business plan proposal, (b) The purpose of the business plan has to be determined well, (c) a company profile needs to be created, (d) Documentation of all aspects of business is needed, (e) Having a strategic marketing plan is essential, (f) Make an adaptable business plan is important as per the target audience, and much more.


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