Information system refers to a collection of hardware, software, infrastructure as well as trained personnel who do easy planning, so as to make a reliable infrastructure, control, co-ordination between software and hardware and perfect decision making in an organization. Organizations work with data which are facts organized in a database. But it is important to know how data is organized in the database? You may troubleshoot queries by taking information system assignment help from Awesome Creators. Information system is described as the study of conclusive networks of software and hardware that firms collect, process, filter, create and distribute the data.  It is important to provide a link between business and computer science using theoretical foundations of computation and information. Information system is not just confined to information and communication technology. It refers to an action through which humans interact with technology.

The subject of information system covers many assignments such as executive information systems, decision support systems, global information systems, transaction processing systems, office information systems, geographic information systems, information systems support in the decision making process, internet platforms and others. There are many types of information systems, and these are listed below:


This refers to a computerized information system which supports business information so that users may use these for decision making activities. Decision makers may compile information from raw data and solve problems, which is sometimes also referred to as the interactive knowledge based system.

  • TRANSACTION PROCESSING SYSTEMS: This refers to an information system which collects, receives, modifies and stores information or data transaction of an enterprise. An enterprise is successful if it is ensured that products are delivered on time and that payments can also be made efficiently and effectively.
  • MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS: This is also termed as MIS and refers to a computer based program. To the managers, it is an organizational system and procedure and for programmers, it involves much more complexity. MIS includes long term planning and provides dynamic structure to the organization.


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