The study of implementation of human resources at an international level in various multinational companies is termed as International Human Resource Management (HRM). This includes the study of different processes and procedures being religiously followed with regards to implementation of HRM strategies. The field also involves the study of lifestyles of people, their culture and habits, behaviour of people and their attitudes too.  For the survival of companies in other countries, it is important for them to expand their operations and adapt the culture as per the local people of that country. The organizations who excel in the field of International HRM are able to efficiently execute the processes and systems pertaining to this branch of study. This in turn helps them excel in the race of competition.

The branch of International HRM includes the following:

Ø  Socio-cultural conditions: This includes the analysis of social and cultural conditions, habits as well as behaviour of people. It comprises of their caste, creed, religion, race, habits, food, lifestyle and much more.

Ø  Political conditions: It is important for a country to have political stability for the expansion of a business in a specific country. In case of any instability, the company will not be able to expand, grow and diversify further. Henceforth, it will not be able to achieve its targets.

Ø  Economic aspects: For a business organization to flourish well, it is important that the country should have a strong financial and economic condition.

Ø  Environmental aspects: The environmental conditions should be supportive in terms of business expansion strategies. The resources should be cheap and easily available so that production and delivery of goods is accomplished well.

Ø  Technological aspects: Technological aspects form the backbone of any business enterprise. In case, weak technology is adapted, then the organization lags behind in the race of competition.

Therefore, it is important to study the PESTLE analysis so as to help businesses expand and grow. All this is able by the study of International HRM. This field of study helps in better positioning of the organization in the global market.


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