The various modules covered under Nursing are Nutrition, Mental Health Nursing, Child Care Nursing, Anatomy, Medical Surgical Nursing, Community Health Nursing, Nursing Research and Statistics, Medical Ethics, Drug Classifications, and others. The basic modules of Nursing focus on the history of nursing and the theories and skills essential for the profession. Critical thinking and decision making are the major areas addressed via this subject. Students also study the different healthcare systems, legal and ethical aspects of nursing as well as economic factors that affect the nursing and the healthcare field. The module of pathophysiology under nursing helps in understanding the common illnesses and the patterns of disease. Students understand the relationship between diseases and symptoms that may help in diagnosing the problem. The module of Pharmacology focuses on drug therapy and its relationship to the nursing profession. It gives an opportunity for students to learn about commonly used therapeutic drugs, how they affect bodily systems and the effects of commonly prescribed drugs. Ethical issue with regards to the use of prescription medications is also well covered by this module. The module of Health Assessment helps students assess the entire patient including the physiological and psychosocial components. The assessment skills include assessment of various systems of the body such as respiratory, cardiac, abdominal, lymphatic and musculoskeletal systems. This module also helps in gathering data for patient health histories and focuses on serving diverse populations.


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