The technology through which information is processed, communicated and retrieved in a faster manner is termed as Information Technology (IT). Through this technology, information is processed and manipulated in a proper way. This technology syncs telecommunication as well as computer technologies. It resorts to various modern platforms such as internet, email, e-commerce solutions and much more. The relevant information gathering technique is also termed as Isquo-information. This technology helps us in providing information pertaining to immense opportunities.

IT allows us to get any information within a fraction of second, anytime and anywhere in the world. Thus, it has revolutionized modern civilization to a major extent. Thus, accessing and processing information has become much easier This has improved channels of communication, business, management strategies, travel, entertainment, medical science and much more. We are able to chat with people living thousands of miles away from us. Also, it has become possible to access news, videos, matches, games and various forms of entertainment in any part of the world. Therefore, IT allows an individual to seek information through a new world of information space. The technology also allows writing, collecting information and uploading information at the same time.

IT refers to multipurpose usage of software and hardware, different supporting systems for storing, presenting, exchanging and retrieving data. Furthermore, IT has diverse segments such as those mentioned below:

  • Computer Networking
  • IT Management
  • Network Security
  • Software Design and Development
  • System Analysis

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