The branch of Employment Law governs the employer-employee relationship. The pertaining laws are also known as labour laws. It constitutes the state as well as federal laws and refers to the common goal of protection of the rights of the workers. The law prevents discrimination, promotes health and safety and prevents work disruption due to disputes between employees and the management.

Employment Law deals with statues of law, court rulings on labour disputes and labour law models. A labour law professional helps in the noble cause of building a strong society ensuring the rights of working professional and maintaining an amicable relationship between employee and employer. There could be number of employment laws and can be grouped in following two categories:

  • Employment Law that defines the relationship between employer, employee and employee union.
  • Individual employment laws that govern the rights of employees at their workplace.

The Employment Law in Australia involves study of evolving problems related to employment law in Australia, enhancement of employment law in an international context in Australia, legitimate principles of employment law and much more. It involves the study of technological facets of employment law utilizing theoretical, historical and practical views in Australia. These laws normally focus to mediate between an employee and his employer on the basis of contract of employment.


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The Employment Law assignments include the basic as well as advanced concepts, few of which are mentioned below:

  • Terms and Conditions of Employment as per laws: These laws focus on issues such as hours of work, wages, remuneration, awards of employees,
  • Employee Termination Laws: These laws deal with termination process of employees, rights of employees before termination and rights of employment after termination, remuneration packages, promotion policies, policies related to mentoring and much more.
  • Maternity, Paternity and Family Right Laws: These laws deal with the rights of an employee to fulfil his obligation towards family while in employment. It covers number of days of maternity leave, employment benefits during pregnancy, mediclaim benefits for the family, etc.
  • Sexual Harassment Protection Laws: These laws ensure the protection of employees from sexual harassment in the workplace, especially women employees.
  • Laws protecting the interest of organization following termination
  • Industrial Relation Laws: These laws deal with the study of employee and employer relationship and how these could be developed amicably.
  • Discrimination Laws: These deal with prevention of discrimination or harassment of an employee by other employees.
  • Child Labour: These deal with compulsory exclusion of child labour from all kinds of employment.


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