The subject of Geology involves the study of the basic constituents of the earth. The study of Geology reveals the characteristics of the materials of the earth, physical and chemical structures of these materials, chemical compositions, natural processes affecting over them and much more. The study of Geology also involves the study of organisms that have inhabited the earth since thousands of years. The study also depicts how the earth’s materials, processes and organisms have transformed over the time.

Geologists study the earth processes such as earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions and much more. Geologists recognize these processes well so that people can live safely in a particular region. Geologists can also predict the occurrence of volcanoes in the near future, or where there is a probability of an earthquake, flood or drought to occur. This in turn helps the government of a country as well as the local authorities to take relevant steps accordingly. Geologists also make sure to study earth materials in different forms. This includes use of petroleum and petroleum products excavated from mines, coal for production of thermal power, extraction of minerals and ores, and much more. Geologists also study the location of rocks that contain metals and study methods to remove these from the rocks.

Geologists are working hard across the globe to learn about climate changes. These studies are important so that important steps could be taken to fight against natural adversities. Geologists work in different environments such as governmental agencies, non-profit organizations, environmental consulting companies, companies that deal with natural resources and many more. Geologists spend much time in laboratories to conduct valuble research. They are extremely efficient in preparing reports, analyzing data and presentation of research with the help of computers.

The subject of Geology involves number of branches and areas of specialization, which are mentioned below:

  • GEOPHYSICS: refers to the knowledge of physics for the study of earth and its environment.
  • PEDOLOGY: refers to the study of details about soil, its formation, quality and type.
  • STRUCTURAL GEOLOGY: refers to the study of rocks and structure of earth.
  • PETROLEUM GEOLOGY: refers to the study of petroleum products, oils and gases.
  • SEDIMENTARY GEOLOGY: refers to the study of sedimentation and formation of rocks.
  • PALEONTOLOGY: refers to the study of pre-historic life forms.
  • GEOCHEMISTRY: refers to the study of chemical composition of the earth as well as its components.
  • HYDROGEOLOGY: refers to the study of details of underground water.
  • VOLCANOLOGY: refers to the study of volcanoes, their eruptions and much more.
  • PALEOCLIMATOLOGY: refers to the study of climate conditions as well as climate changes.


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