Operations Management refers to a niche of management focused on managing the procedures and developing of production. It also refers to revamping of service operations in production of products and services. It guarantees service operations in regards to utilization of resources. It refers to taking care of a whole production system that converts inputs into outputs. The inputs could be in the form of materials, labour and energy whereas the outputs could be in the form of goods and services.

Operations Management can also be defined as the administration of business practices, so as to create the highest level of efficiency possible within an organization. It is related to conversion of materials and labor into goods and services, so as to maximize the profit of an organization. The operations management team make efforts to balance costs with revenue. This helps them achieve highest net operating profit. Operations management deals with appropriate utilization of resources such as staff, materials, equipment, technology and few more. The goods are delivered to clients as per their requirements.

Operations Management takes care of various strategic issues such as determining the size of manufacturing plants, project management methods and implementation of IT networks. Other issues could deal with management of inventory levels, raw material acquisition, quality control, maintenance policies, materials handling and others. Operations Management also makes sure that minimal waste occurs and that the raw materials are used effectively. A professional of operations management understands the global trends, availability of resources as well as customer demand. Operations management also makes sure to acquire materials and use labour in a cost-effective manner. Operations management also helps in ensuring that the products meet the necessary quality standards and functionality needs.

The operations manager co-ordinate and develop new processes, so as to evaluate current structures. Organization and productivity are key drivers of an operations manager. The work of an operations manager often requires innovation and versatility. The subject of operations management gives someone a global perspective on industry trends and political uncertainties that could affect the organization.


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