‘Project Management’ is defined as the discipline wherein there is application os relevant tools and techniques to broaden the range of activities, so as to meet the requirements of a project. The study of Project Management helps in achieving the project goals within stipulated period of time. Project management examines the project very well and see if it profits a particular company or organization.

The process of Project Management involves Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring as well as Closing. These are well-described below:

Ø  INITIATING: The first and most crucial step in Project Management is Project Initiation. A successful project initiation builds a strong foundation, so as to achieve the desired objective for a project. The important steps include development of business situation, study of possibilities of success, setting up entire environment and performing a review on various segments of the project.

Ø  PLANNING: Planning is an essential part of Project Management and involves identifying available resources, setting time, planning human resource management and risk management along with effective methods of communication.

Ø  EXECUTING: Execution in project management involves bringing the planned work into action. This stage requires collaboration of all individuals forming a team. It also involves wise use of available resources, conduction meetings, updating management work, maintaining quality and much more.

Ø  MONITORING: Monitoring involves keeping an eye on progress of the report. It is important to monitor a project appropriately so that it is executed in a planned manner. Monitoring also includes record of resources used, efficiency of the team, degree of project completion and much more. If monitoring is not done then, at times, resources might be excessively used or the budget may cross a particular limit.

Ø  CLOSING: This step in Project Management involves auditing, calculation of profit and loss and much more.

The above are five important steps of Project Management. The Project Management aspects includes business process management, construction management, controlling process, diversity management, financial management, hospitality management, leadership theories, organizational ethics, project charter, reward management, rural management and much more.

The subject of Project Management involves the study of many knowledge areas such as those mentioned below:

Ø  Management of project integration

Ø Management of project cost

Ø Management of project quality

Ø Management of project’s human resources

Ø Management of project’s risk

Ø Management of project’s stakeholders

Ø Management of project’s communication

Ø Management of project scope

Ø Management of project schedule

Project Management involves organizing, motivating, controlling and planning resources, so as to achieve particular goals. A project has certain definite objectives and results. Project management involves deliberating the importance of a project, maintaining all records, checking progress of the project, dealing with issues and risks in the project, closing the project effectively on completion, creating project management plan, implementing project, maintaining effective communication with every member linked to the project and much more.


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