This branch of engineering deals with the design, analysis, manufacturing as well as maintenance of mechanical systems. It merges the concepts of physics, engineering as well as material science. This field of engineering help in generation of heat and mechanical power so as to operate machines and tools. It includes the study of power-producing machines such as electric generators, internal combustion engines, steam and gas turbines. This is how engineers manufacture air conditioners, refrigerators, elevators, and escalators which help to improve our living standards.

The study of mechanical engineering has also been integrated with the field of nanotechnology which involves the integration of atoms and molecules so as to create high-performance materials and components.  This field of engineering has also been integrated with various applications in agriculture. To excel in this field, one must have sound knowledge in the field of mathematics and science. This further helps in designing reliable and cost-effective systems so as to solve various social problems.

The branch of Mechanical Engineering includes various disciplines and these are listed below:

Ø  STATISTICS: This includes the study of forces that affect static bodies, which refers to the study of non-moving bodies under known loads.

Ø  DYNAMICS: This includes the study of how forces affect moving bodies. It is also known as the study of kinetics.

Ø  MECHANICS OF MATERIALS: This includes the study of how different materials deform under stressful conditions.

Ø  FLUID MECHANICS: This involves the study of the reaction of forces to fluids.


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