Econometrics is a branch of economics that conducts quantitative data analysis through applications of mathematics, statistics and computer science. This branch of study is applied by economists to analyze huge data sets, so as to generate simple relationships between them. This term ‘econometrics’ was first used by Ciompa Pawel  in 1910. Various statistical theories are applied to study econometrics. These theories are suitable for identifying suitable estimators that are consistent and reliable. However, this field of study is also criticized by many scholars. This is because the study fails to adequately describe economic reality of its overreliance on observation rather than experimental data.

Econometrics can be categorized into two major branches, as described below:

  • APPLIED ECONOMETRICS: This branch of Econometrics deals with real life applications of economics. It describes economic branches such as employment, generic products, demand and supply chain, labor, etc.
  • THEORETICAL ECONOMETRICS: This branch of econometrics deals with mathematical methods and statistics. It states assumptions of a particular method and its properties to develop new ones.


The branch of econometrics uses mathematics financial theory and analytical reasoning to determine financial phenomena. With the understanding of the concepts of econometrics, people are able to equate information into designs which further help them make projections that can be used to support decision making in various fields such as marketing and macroeconomics.  Advanced econometrics applies various statistical methods to test hypothesis and forecast future trends. To cite certain examples, this study can be used to study the gap between rich and the poor, to study whether fiscal stimulus really boost the economy, to study if the political campaign expenditure affects voting outcome, to study if the value of a certain currency correlates with commodity prices, and much more. The other applications of econometrics include forecasting of macroeconomic variables such as gross domestic product (GDP),inflation rates, interest rates, studying economic relations, testing economic theories, evaluating and implementing business and government policies and much more.


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