Literature is the essence of English language which teaches children about the work of famous authors and poets. Children’s Literature is also known as Juvenile Literature which consists of children’s stories, books, poems and literature. These are mainly written for brain development and entertainment for children. In the olden days, Literature was considered to be the knowledge of wealthy people who used to entertain themselves in the form of works through different writers. Children’s Literature is one of the widely used subjects as is a means of communication for the students. It is one of the prime subjects that helps to open up different horizons and opportunities for children. This subject also involves the critical sense of reasoning. In-depth analysis is important for children to make sure that the theory is reasonable and based on relevant facts and data, This subject makes children realize that there are hidden meanings even in simplest of presented facts.

Through Literature, children understand the value of their own culture rather than choosing the other. Many writers have contributed their time and efforts in various advanced fields of literature which is appreciated by students. Children also learn about what happened in the past or hs prevailed since years. Literature is also an essential element which helps students gather their writing skills. Literature is a subject which adds a touch of reality for every sphere. It makes sure that the chapters which are being taught are based on basic beliefs and notions of the students. It makes everyone understand as to what is happening in the current scenario.


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  • Why are fantasy stories preferred by children?
  • The archetypal character for children’s mystery books
  • Depicting interracial marriage in Children’s Literature
  • Factors that make children’s books timeless so as to be able to transcend generations
  • Role of fantasy in intellectual development of children and contribution of children’s literature to it.


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