This domain of law comprises of all laws pertaining to business entities. These laws are basically regarded as the commercial laws. These govern the regulations that are linked with shortfalls existing between business organizations, individuals, commerce, industry and related to trade. In a way, it integrates both private and public laws and is considered to be an important discipline in law. Business Laws govern the protection to consumers, employees helps in business reporting, overall compliance and much more.

Due to globalization, businesses are operating in a competitive environment wherein there might be laws and legislations conflicting amidst judicial systems and the government. It is therefore important for businesses to acquire the right legal knowledge that helps in effective trade in the domestic as well as international market. Business laws assist businesses to distinguish between illegal and unethical behavior and to gain knowledge pertaining to social responsibility towards society as a whole.


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Over the years, our business law experts have provided assignments related to various topics, such as those mentioned below:

  • CONSUMER LAW: These deal with principles and regulations related to rights of consumers. These also deal with competition, fair price and anti-trust issues The important aspects of consumer law consists of the following:
  • ISSUES RELATED TO ANTITRUST: This deals with the issues related to anticompetitive conduct performed by companies.
  • AIRLINE COMPLAINTS: These deal with issues linked between government agencies and airline companies (when the former oversees the airline industry).
  • FAIRTRADE: This deals with a combination of practices that are considered to labor, environmental and other standards related to development.
  • ISSUES RELATED TO COMPETITION: These laws deal with issues related to maintenance of fair amount of competition amongst the companies that are differentiated in some ways.
  • TRANSPARENCY: This mainly deals with the right practice for setting actual product price.
  • ISSUES RELATED TO EXTENDED WARRANTY: This deals with an extended warranty, which is completely different from the normal warranty.
  • CORPORATE LAW: This concerns the disputes that occur between the board of directors, management, shareholders of multinational firms, mergers, investment capital, acquisitions, profit and loss and much more. This constitutes of the following.
  • CORPORATE CONSTITUTION: This relates to rules and regulations used to define particular objectives of the company, its association with the outer world and rights/duties of the shareholders.
  • CORPORATE GOVERNANCE: These laws govern the research and study after the occurrence of corporate scams and financial breakdown in several economies across the world. These mainly relate to accounting standards in big corporations. In other words, corporate governance consists of a wide set of laws, regulatory mechanisms, principles, rights and duties concerning the shareholders, members of the board, ethical behavior as well as the integrity of the company, all of which relate to the accounting standards.
  • BALANCING OF POWER: This comprises of laws which help in maintaining a proper balance between the members and the board of directors of the company.
  • DUTIES OF DIRECTOR: These laws govern the issues that arise between shareholders and directors of the company.
  • CORPORATE FINANCE: These laws govern practices and methods that are incorporated to raise the corporate capital.
  • LITIGATIONS: These laws explain the disputes that exist between the board members.
  • CORPORATE CRIME: These laws involve details of legal proceedings when certain rules and regulations or ethical principles are violated.
  • LIQUIDATIONS: These laws help in legal closure or shut down of a business enterprise or an organization.
  • INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAWS: These laws comprise of the patent, trademark, copyright, advertising and branding laws. These are discussed below.
  • COPYRIGHT LAWS: These laws give the author the right to own his piece of work.
  • PATENT LAWS: These laws provide the owner the exclusive right for using the invention in return of certain payment or fees.
  • TRADEMARK LAWS: These laws curtail to a specific design or an expression used for distinguishing a product from others. These constitute intellectual property laws.
  • ENVIRONMENT LAWS: These laws govern the impact of industrialization and globalization over the environment.
  • AIR POLLUTION: This law is related to govern the impact of air pollutants present in the atmosphere.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT IMPACT (EAI): This law considers the impact of a plan of action that has been proposed for environmental assessment.
  • WASTE MANAGEMENT: This law is related to appropriate treatment and management of waste.
  • WATER POLLUTION: These laws are related to the release of harmful industrial wastes into the water bodies, which impact people and the surrounding environment.
  • CHEMICAL SAFETY: These laws are related to the usage of chemicals in human activities.


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