Genetics refers to the study of genes. Genes are found in chromosomes, of which half come from the father and rest from the mother. Male contains XY chromosomes whereas the female contains XX chromosomes. These are also termed as the sex chromosomes. When a female X chromosome combines with that of Y of a male, the offspring is a male and when X from female combines with X of a male, the offspring is a female. Heridity comes into play when we talk about genes. Heredity refers to the process wherein genes from parents are passed to their offspring. The related traits could either be harmful or advantageous. Many a times, the traits may be physically viewed like that of color of hair and eyes. Many interesting facts about human beings are revealed when we study genetics.

Diseases may occur due to improper pairing of chromosomes, duplication, deletion and other chromosomal abnormalities. Genetics also involves the study of qualities, hereditary variety as well as heredity in living beings. The pioneer of genetics is Gregor Mendel, who considered that qualities are passed on from guardians to posterity. The study of genetics involves the study of gene manipulation, gene cloning as well as moleculr cloning. We can say that genetics is the study of heredity or inheritance and deals with the mechanism, transmission and variation of inherited characteristics amongst various related organisms. This involves a far better understanding of topics such as genetic coding, genetic linkage, genetic recombination, structure of DNA, genetics and hereditary, and others.

The field of genetics is much driven by innovation and specialist knowledge. The knowledge of genetic science tells us much about human evolution and the sophisticated manner in which the creation has occurred. DNA is the source of all genetic information located in our body cells. The topics covered by our experts in Genetics are Molecular Biology, Pharmacogenomics, Neuropsychiatric diseases, Biomedical Genomics, Obesity and Diabetes and many more. Our experts have the experience of working with top-notch biosciences and life sciences companies.

Heriditary helps in transformation of genetic characteristics from ancient ancestors through genes. Genetics refers to characteristics passed down from one generation to the other. Heriditary begins with a cell and the information carried is within the cell nucleus. A DNA determines characteristics of organisms containing the genetic material. A DNA strand is composed of building blocks called nucleotides which in turn consists of three parts – Phosphate group, sugar molecule and one of the four bases (Adenine, Guanine, Cytosine, Thymine).


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