CAD refers to Computer Aided Design and drafting technology that is designed exclusively for 2D and 3D mechanical engineering. About two decades before, mechanical engineering designs were sketched on a paper sheet. Which was further traced using a tracing paper. This process was tedious and time consuming. Hence, with advancements in technology, CAD was introduced to speed up the process of design and to gain accuracy at the same time.

Many softwares have been developed by various companies that help in CAD tasks. These include the following:

  • AUTOCAD by Autodesk
  • Microstation by Bentley Systems
  • Proengineer by PTC
  • Solidworks and Catia by Dassault Systems
  • Unigraphics and Solidedge by NX Siemens

CAD design softwares use two unit systems. These include metric (millimetres) as well as imperial (inches). These softwares provide 2D as well as 3D drawing tools and techniques. Many complex drawing commands (such as Line, Circle, Ellipse, Rectangle, Arc, etc.) are used to build up the CAD designs using these softwares. Various commands are used for modifications of drawings (such as Trim, Copy, Scale, Stretch, Offset, and others). The dimensions of the drawing can be pre-set as per requirements. Various scientific commands are used for scientific drawings such as Block command, Region, Area, and others. To excel in CAD assignment tasks, you are expected to have a sound knowledge in subjects of mechanical engineering, mathematics, science as well as drafting and drawing skills.


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  • Rotation, translation, scaling and projection matrices
  • Solidworks 3D CAD


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