AutoCAD is a software that assists in the process of designing. It mostly has applications in designs related to automobile technology, infrastructure, interior designing, civil engineering and mechanical engineering. Therefore, it is used mainly by architects, project managers, engineers, graphic designers and many other professionals. AutoCAD is an important drawing tool used to automate various blueprints and designs. It works in 2D as well as 3D design structures.

An AutoCAD professional is expected to learn various techniques related to drafting, geometric tolerances and dimensioning, solid works, blueprint reading, manufacturing processes, CAD drawings and much more. These concepts form the core of AutoCAD and therefore an AutoCAD professional should acquaint himself with these terminologies and features. AutoCAD involves the study of precision drawing and drawing aids, basic printing, geometric shapes, architectural views, drafting views, editing tools, 3D modeling concepts, advanced plotting techniques and much more.

The applications of AutoCAD are extended towards designing of bridges, office complexes, industrial units, satellites, space vehicles, engines, upholstery, missiles, circuitry boards and much more. Therefore, it is crucial for engineering students to learn AutoCAD with utmost precision.

The specialized AutoCAD programs include the following:

AutoCAD Mechanical: This program includes tools that assist in mechanical tasks which further assist in mechanical designing process.

AutoCAD MEP: This program helps in drafting, designing and documenting building systems and creating prominent designs to boost productivity.

AutoCAD Architecture: This program helps in architectural designs which help architects in excelling in their stream of work.

AutoCAD Electrical: This program helps electrical engineers excel in their field of design in electrical engineering. The AutoCAD software helps in building electrical control systems.

AutoCAD Civil: This program has its diverse applications in the field of civil engineering. Most civil engineers resort to this program to create 3D model projects. This program assists civil engineers in design and documentation of Building Information Modeling workflows.

 AutoCAD ECSCAD: This program is linked to electrical engineering which also has the ability to present database oriented response.

AutoCAD P and ID: This refers to the industrial piping and instrumentation designing programs available under AutoCAD software.


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  • Pentigon drawings
  • 3D Modeling
  • XREF
  • Isometric and axonometric views in 3D
  • Annotating in AutoCAD with text and hatching
  • Rectangular and polar arrays
  • Cushion plate drawings


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