An operating system refers to a computer software that allows users to execute tasks such as file management, handling input and output, controlling disk drives and other devices and much more. This subject is quite complex and consists of many difficult terminologies. The concept of operating system describes information related to internal working of various allocated resources. An operating system is also responsible for controlling multiple resources such as hard drives, memory, monitor and others. These resources are meant to be shared amongst various application programs, that are able to run efficiently. Few of the examples of Operating systems are Linux, UNIX, MS windows, Mac OS and others.

Few of the important operating systems are mentioned below:

  • Batch Operating System: No type of interaction exists between the user and the computer in this type of system. This is also considered as the oldest type of system and in this, the user is required to submit all the processes in this type.
  • Multiprogramming Batch Operating System: In this type of system, the central processing system as well as the operating system get busy in executing various jobs.
  • Multiprocessor Operating System: There are several processors involved in this system and these share a common physical memory. Several processors operate under a single operating system and hence, this also increases the speed of computing performance.
  • Distributed Operating System: The agenda behind developing this type of operating system is the availability of inexpensive and powerful microprocessors in communication technology. The min advantages of this system are low process and performance ratio.
  • Real-time Operating System: This gives maximum time for each of the critical operations despite any buffering delays.


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