Total Quality Management (TQM) refers to a management strategy with a structured approach that aims in improving the provision of services via effective communication, thereby improving customer satisfaction. TQM helps in maintaining high quality inter-personal standards of work in the business. TQM helps businesses in meeting the needs of its stakeholders to satisfaction through integration of organizational functions. These functions include production, marketing, finance, design and customer service. TQM forms the basis of many organizational functions.

To achieve TQM, many principles need to come to play such as managerial commitment, empowerment of employees, fast and factual decision making, continuous improvement, prevention, quality integration, customer orientation and much more. TQM involves continuous organizational process of eliminating errors in the manufacturing process, improving customer experience, streamlining supply chain management, improving customer experience and ensuring that employees are updated with trends in customer service. TQM revolves around various concepts such as inspection quality control, statistical quality control, operator quality control and others. The major quality dimensions include reliability dimension, organizational dimension, economical dimension, operational dimension and others.

An analysis of TQM concept indicates that it is mainly concerned with quality aspects within the organization as it focuses on attaining higher quality and effectiveness in the processes that are carried out. TQM is utilized by organizations as a management philosophy, so as to provide customers with quality products and services through higher effectiveness within the current business practices. TQM helps organizations in achieving competitive advantage over others. This leads to organizations considering applications of TQM practices in performing various business processes. TQM is concerned with attainment of quality in existing business processes, so that it leads to overall efficiency and better delivery of products and services to final consumers.

The role of TQM is significantly higher in context of service organizations as well. The need for quality is crucial for businesses to survive, and this is positively accomplished by TQM. In the competitive world of today, it becomes important for organizations to pursue more complex dimensions of performance in respect to innovation as well as quality. It is important for businesses to focus on innovation and quality. An important question with respect to TQM and innovation, iss whether there is a direct link between TQM practices and innovation. It becomes important to analyze impact of TQM practices such as management commitment, employee involvement and customer focus on achieving innovation within business practices. The study of TQM involves various research objectives such as: (A) to analyze concept of TQM and its importance to businesses in the 21st century, (B) to evaluate various important TQM practices carried out by organizations in attaining higher quality in their business processes, (C) to analyze the concept of innovation and its importance to businesses in carrying out their activities in the 21st century, (D) to evaluate the ways in which TQM practices allow businesses in achieving innovation in their product and service offerings.


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