Solidworks refers to a computer software that allows engineers (chiefly mechanical engineers) to design engineering products. It is a type of 3D CAD Design Software (Three Dimensional Computer Aided Design Software). Solidworks is currently owned by Dassualt Systems. Engineers today use Solidworks software to design, build and improvise innovative engineering products, inventions as well as gadgets. A 3D virtual environment is provided through this software so that mechanical engineers could use relevant tools and techniques to explore various applications. It is now possible for engineers to visualize their product designs, modify and change it as per their requirements. The outputs are visualized and analyzed via artificial intelligence.

Solidworks software helps is different areas such s structuring, automobiles and computer aided engineering. Using solidworks, the designs can be created as different parts or different assemblies. Solidworks is a solid modeling CAD and CAE computer program that is executed on windows and used for making different 3D designs. Solidworks uses parametric features based approach used to create models and assemblies. The different parts of Solidworks include parameters, design intents, features and assembly mates, which are explained below:

  • PARAMETERS: The constraint whose value is used to determine the shape of the model is termed as Parameter. It can be in the form of length of a line, diameter of a circle (numeric values), tangent, parallel, vertical, concentric or horizontal (geometric values)
  • DESIGN INTENTS: This refers to the measure that will let you know how the creator will respond to inevitable changes in the model. For example: a hole on the top regardless of the size or height of the model.
  • FEATURES: These refer to the building blocks that form the shape and the operations that construct new parts. Shape based features use 2D and 3D concepts whereas the operations based features use bone, shells, chamfers and so on.
  • ASSEMBLY MATES: These define the relations of different parts with each other that help in constituting the assembly.

The advancements in Solidworks have helped in development and design of technologies for betterment of mankind. Engineers all across the world have accepted the concepts of Solidworks to plan and implement their projects.


Since a decade now, Solidworks has been the most widely used software for 3D designing, as it encompasses the following benefits:

  • Solidworks helps in building innovative 3D designs and depicts incredible productivity and built-in intelligence.
  • Solidworks has a low cost of ownership with high efficiency.
  • Solidworks helps in fast creation of 2D designs with automation and accuracy. It helps in creation of designs as per the environment in mind.
  • Solidworks also has the feature of community help, wherein you may share the innovation with different users , grow ideas, attract new talents and expand 3D capabilities.
  • Solidworks comes with different set of products with wide number of applications. These include 3D design, simulation, electrical drawings, technical communication, product data management and much more.


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