A White Paper is a persuasive and in-depth report on a particular topic that presents a problem with its solution. Marketers use White Papers to educate their audience about a particular product or service. Therefore, a White Paper is an authoritative and informational guide issued by a company or not-for-profit organization, explaining the benefits of a particular product, service or technology. However, historically, White Papers were legislative documents explaining policies, actions, and methodologies. White Papers are divided into following categories:

  • Policy: these support a political solution to societal challenges.
  • Technical: takes into consideration theories behind new technologies.
  • Business / Marketing: the benefits of a product, service or technology is explained.
  • Combines the technical white papers with business/marketing white papers or may be used as a sales tool.

White Papers could also be categorized as follows:

  • Backgrounders: explaining the technical features of a particular offering
  • Numbered lists: which highlight points regarding an offering
  • Problem / Solution White Papers: which introduce a solution to a common business or technical challenge


While writing White Papers, our writers make sure to create informational content to promote a product, service, technology or methodology. Many White Papers are designed for B2B (business to business) marketing purposes so as to channelize marketing information between manufacturer and wholesaler or between a wholesaler and a retailer. In other words, White Papers inform and persuade the other partner that their offering (in the form of product, service or technology) is superior to solve a particular business problem and addressing certain challenges. Moreover, white papers differ much from company brochures. Brochures are marketing materials that may be flashy and include sales pitches. On the other hand, the White Paper provides persuasive and factual evidence in a manner that it solves a particular challenge or problem. White Papers are also used for government purposes to produce factual information, policies, and legislation.

Our team of White Paper writers follows general guidelines that help them create the right content. They know how to choose a topic that people will want to read. Furthermore, they are descriptive and professional in their work. They also know the importance of setting up a great introduction. They know how to avail the opportunity of creating the right image for the readers, filling up the white paper with important points and information. They write a draft first and then edit and proofread it to create the final white paper. So are you stuck writing a white paper document? Do not worry anymore. Awesome Creators is here to help you at an affordable price and assures timely delivery. Submit your precise White Paper requirement NOW.