‘Summary Statement’ is an essential document / certificate that needs to be submitted to Engineers Australia (EA), so as to assess the competency of n engineer who is migrating to Australia. A Summary Statement is written in a tabular format and links the elements to correct paragraphs in Career Episodes. It is absolutely crucial for you to mention the right number of elements, indicators and units in the summary statement and link them to appropriate Career Episodes. You also need to make sure that you have correctly numbered paragraphs in Career Episodes. In other words, we can say that a Summary Statement is an amalgamation of competency elements highlighted in career episodes.

The Summary Statement format is divided into three sub-sections, which are well-described below:

  1. KNOWLEDGE AND SKILL BASE: This includes the detailed and comprehensive theory of physical sciences and engineering. The conceptual knowledge in various domains is required such as mathematics, computer and information services, statics and numerical analysis. The proper research, direction, skill and knowledge development in your engineering discipline is required. Complete knowledge and understanding of the professional scope, fundamental assumptions, liabilities and latest awareness of engineering practice is required.
  2. ENGINEERING APPLICATION ABILITY: EA makes sure that this section of the report has great clarity and detailing. This section consists of application of established engineering methods to complex engineering problem solving, fluent application of engineering tools and techniques, application of systematic engineering synthesis and design processes, application of systematic approaches to conduct and management of engineering projects. EA makes sure to go through each of the elements carefully and cautiously.
  3. PROFESSIONAL AND PERSONAL ATTRIBUTES: This section looks at functional soft aspects such as communication, behavioural, social, leadership aspects, creativity, team membership and much more.

The first thing that needs to be mentioned in a summary statement is the knowledge of an engineer for a particular domain. It would certainly include the skill-sets that he has attained over the years during his professional and educational life. The next thing that needs to be mentioned is the engineering application ability. It is also important to mention the creative ideas implemented over the years and the way you have created new and practical designs with your engineering skills. Our team of experts for Summary Statement exactly know how to write these sections in a comprehensive manner.

To conclude, we can say that a Summary Statement is a summation of your CDR report and it needs to be prepared in such a way that it is understood well in a glance. For all three career episodes, only a single summary statement is required. In a summary statement, it is important to mention all the achievements and appropriate episodes in the CDR section.


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Our team of writers make sure to mention your career episodes and also the achievements that you attained in those phases of your life as an engineer. An EA reviewer would always want to see a summary statement that is comprehensive and is well-written. When a summary statement is written, our experts well understand that there are four categories for which CDR reports are made. These include Professional engineer, Engineering manager, Engineering associate and Engineering technologist.

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